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How to Trade Gold Online

Gold investment is fast becoming the most widely sought-after tool to either save for retirement or just increase your finances, and for good reason. It has long been considered a hedge against inflation and has certain characteristics to it that make it a very good investment. The supply of Gold is very limited and this makes it a precious metal which is valued very highly, as the demand for Gold is ever-increasing, with the making of jewelry being just one of the many uses of this precious metal.

Trading Gold With Online Platforms

There are many online trading platforms that you can use to invest in currencies, stocks, and even commodities, and all of these items are valued in U.S. Dollars. The best thing about Gold is that it tends to go in the opposite direction of the U.S. Dollar, so when the currency is decreasing in value due to an economic crisis, the value of Gold will increase, and if the Dollar is strengthening, the value of Gold generally tends to go down. Another great feature of Gold is that it also tends to go in the opposite direction of the stock market, as when the stock market is moving higher, people invest in it so that they can gain profit, while if the stock market crashes, these investors then move into Gold which is a relatively much more stable investment.


The great thing about online trading platforms is that once you have opened a U.S. Dollar account and registered it with one of these companies, which are used and regulated around the world, you can use the money that you have to buy or even short-sell any currency or commodity in real-time, without actually physically owning it.

One of the other good things about these trading platforms is that you can set limit orders on your trades. For example if you have bought 2 lots of Gold at a price of $1200 and you think that the price of Gold will touch $1300 and then fall back down, you can set a limit of $1300 or even $1299 on your trade so that it will automatically settle when the price touches that and give you a profit, without you having to physically monitor the trade all the time. This can be very beneficial as the prices of these currencies and commodities are constantly changing by small or large amounts and it is not possible to monitor them continuously.

There are many trading platforms which you can use to do this, for example Markets Trader, Meta Trader, etc, and these are all registered with the right authorities but you should still make sure that the platform that you use has a good reputation just in case.

Trading Gold in an IRA

You can also trade gold in an IRA account.  These are namely called precious metals self directed ira plans.  Click the link to read more.  This is rapidly becoming an investment that people are jumping into.

The most important thing to know when investing in Gold is that you should always follow the trend of the market and try not to go against it. You should also put some time and effort into researching the few things that affect the price of Gold so that you can have a clearer idea of what decision to take, and whether to buy Gold if you think the price will go up, or sell it if you think that the price will go down.

New Technology Looks Good on the Fashion Industry

fashion business startupsAs trend spotters and fans of the way that different industries are using technology, we report on interesting ways businesses are using technology to build sales and improve customer relations.
Every part of our lives and businesses are revolutionized by technology, and the fashion industry is no exception. Innovative clothing companies are harnessing the power of computers to serve customers a more personalized experience of shopping and buying clothes online and in-store. From the visual search function in mobile apps to personalized digital fit models on e-commerce clothing shopping sites the digital revolution is altering the fashion business forever.
Clothing is still sewn with needle and thread, but its distribution and marketing are unrecognizable from the prior generations of fashion businesses.

Emerging technology in use by the clothing industry:

  • Artificial Intelligence– AI is being used for messaging by such top retailers as Nordstrom, Sephora and American Eagle with chatbots, such as Facebook Messenger and the Android app Kik. Macy’s, a particularly tech-savvy retailer has AI power built into their mobile app called Macy’s On Call.
  • Virtual Digital Reality – Built upon the wildly successful Pokemon Go phenomenon, digital realities are helping shoppers to try on products, such as makeup products and also visit Macy’s stores via virtual reality from anywhere.
  • Blockchain – Currently focused on the supply chain for retailers it is being tested as a storytelling and branding tool in Asia. Tech experts tout its superior security as a way to verify the authenticity of often counterfeited luxury fashion goods.
  • Visual and Voice Search – Experts predict that searches using images, either snapped on customers mobile phones or from websites will grow along to over half of all searches by 2020.  Currently, Pinterest offers visual search for consumers looking for a particular item of clothing of which they can find buyable pins for purchasing.
  • Online and Brick and Morter as One – Millennial’s view a physical store and its online website as one entity and expects to be able to shop at both seamlessly. One of the trends we see is the easy payment system such as Amazon Go, the free supermarket checkout system. The Internet of Things is responsible for this impact on consumers demands for greater convenience in 2017.
  • Live Video – Facebook Live launched in 2016, and soon after Twitter and Instagram followed with their video streams. These three second live videos are helping businesses gain competitive advantages in the crowded social media field. The brands that are focusing on quality over quantity are gaining the largest market shares, such as Benefit Cosmetics.
  • Anti-Tech – High Touch – The flip side of advanced technology is the backlash to crave highly emotional and physical touch experiences. Engaging customers senses will become a major marketing differentiating factor for retailers in 2017. Think engagement, entertainment, and community for your brand and store. Apple was one of the 1st companies to create this multi-sensual experience of their products and retail environment. Retailers know that hat the longer amount of time a person spends in their store the more merchandise they buy. The use of this emotional, sensual community building process works to increase in-store time and thus sales.



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My strongest belief is that the safest, most secure and most lucrative job you can have is owning your own business. I learned this valuable lesson the hard way by investing time, energy and emotion into a corporate career only to be fired unceremoniously –when I dared think creatively outside the box. My entrepreneurial journey to starting my own business was first by necessity but then turned into a great blessing of prosperity and freedom. Graduating from the school of business hard knocks and learning how to start, manage, and then sell my business for over $1,000,000. Learned more about real life business this way that I learned in my four years at the NYU School of Business.

Fling Dating Site Takes Boston by Storm

We read with great pleasure this article on about how singles in Boston can better their experiences in the dating scene.

Sure, we all like to go out to bars and meet people. It’s life as a social person.  Being social is healthy.

However, there are times we must sequester ourselves in our homes or offices and just get stuff done.  For times like those, we turn to online dating websites.

There’s been one site that has taken the world by storm.  It’s moved into Boston and people are raving about it like they are the Patriots Super Bowl comeback.

It’s a new thing called a “Fling Dating site.”  Basically, it takes the guesswork out of who wants to hook up and who is just there to get a cup of Joe.

We put one of our editors to the test, and this is his review.

boston Dating
The Boston dating scene is changing. Review


Navigating the online dating world can be difficult and it’s not getting any easier. That’s why, when I find a legit dating site that gets results, I like to let people know about it. is one of those sites. I can usually spot a fraud a mile away and I was expecting to find evidence of fraudulent practices at any minute, but the evidence never came. Fling is one of the few genuine dating sites out there and you have more than enough choices whether you want to flirt, date or have a casual encounter. They have a large number of users and, unlike many other dating sites, the users are real and not fabricated by the site. Even if you don’t hook up right away, they have a guarantee that they stand behind.

My Experience

If you are anything like me, you will wonder why it took you so long to try I had heard of it before, but I dismissed it thinking that I would get to it eventually. I didn’t realize that it was a site that truly stood out among the rest. There were a few women who wrote me first, but I didn’t get bombarded with an unrealistic number of messages within minutes of signing in like many other sites I have tried. This is when I began to realize that Fling might be a legit dating site.

There might have been less messages sent to me, but the ones I receive were real. I wasn’t use to so many of the messages coming from real women. The more details you add to your profile, the more likely you are to attract users who closely fit your idea of an ideal mate. Once I learned that and added more details, I would receive less unsolicited messages, but the messages I did receive were predominantly from women with whom I shared a lot of common interests.

What I ended up with was a choice of three women in the first two weeks of using the site. Well, I had many other choices, but these three were the hottest. I found it hard to choose from these women, but my decision became easier the more I interacted with them. Too many choices is certainly better than too few.

Search Options

Fling features all the main search options you would expect from a dating site along with some other, more detailed, search criteria to help you narrow down your search as much as you like. You can indicate if you are searching for males, females, couples, or groups. You can select your desire age range, location, marital status, turn-ons or fetishes, body type, height, picture availability, and unlock additional search filters when you pay for a premium membership. When you find a match that you are interested in, you can click on the quick chat button next to their profile to get the conversation started. It’s sort of like using social media.  Remember to indicate on your profile whether you are looking for a date or a no strings attached affair. This will help you get what you want without as much confusion or beating around the bush.

Cost / Benefit Comparison

A free basic membership allows you to create a profile and view the explicit photos. You must pay for one of the many membership options to use all the features and send messages. A Silver membership allows you to view larger photos, add members to your Black Book, and contact potential matches through instant message, e-mail, and web cam. With the Silver membership; only other paid members can respond to you. Gold membership has the same features as the Silver, but you get premium profile listing and free members can respond to you.

Silver 3-Day Trial: $4.95

Silver 1-Month Subscription $24.95

Silver 3-Month Subscription $16.65 a month

Gold 2-Day Trial: $2.48 a day.

Gold 7-Day Trial: $9.95.

Gold 1-Month Subscription: $34.95

Gold 3-Month Subscription: $19.98 a month.

Gold 6-Month Subscription: $11.65 a month.

Gold 12-Month Subscription: $6.67 a month.


One of the main reasons is so popular is the level of safety. They use secure software to process payments, so your financial information is secure. The safe filter allows you to filter out all of the explicit content on the site if you are not comfortable with being naughty. Fling is a secure site, but you should still use caution when interacting with anyone on the internet and caution is even more important when you meet someone in person.

Pros and Cons


  • Tons of real members
  • Chat rooms
  • Video chat
  • Free webcam tokens
  • Sleek design
  • Adult photos and videos
  • Find a date in 3 months or get 3 months free


  • No compatibility software
  • A lot of features that may be confusing at first


Fake profiles are few and far between rather than the other way around with most dating sites.

Our Editors Trip to Isla Mujeres

Ever heard of Isla Mujeres?  Well, you have now.  One of our editor’s took a trip there and wanted to share his experience with the world in today’s blog update. 

Special shout out to Isla Mujeres Vacation Rentals for putting this all together.  They made the process simple and smooth.

Isla Mujeres is a breath-taking island, tucked away from the Cancun Island, just 8 miles away. With its sandy white beaches and clear, calm waters, it is a must-visit holiday resort for you. With its rich Mayan heritage and unbeatable beauty, you can relax and unwind. Before you pack your bags to embark on this breath-taking vacation, take a look at some of the amazing facts about this beautiful holiday destination.

Island of Women

Isla Mujeres is also known as the island of women. This island remained isolated for a long time till it was discovered in 1517. Legend has it that the only inhabitants of this island were priestess of Ixchel and her court of women. And it is this legend that has given the island the name, ‘Isla Mujeres’ or ‘Island of women’.

Rich Mayan Heritage

This island boasts a rich Mayan heritage, dating back over 1500 years. It was part of a Maya province, Ekab and served as a sanctuary for goddess Ixchel, the Maya goddess of moon, fertility, happiness and medicine. The ruins on Isla’s mainland also indicate their rich Mayan heritage. The famous pyramid temple, known as El Castillo, was dedicated to the Mayan rain god Chaac.

Isla and the Pirates

The Isla Mujeres and the waters of Lagoon Makax provided a great hide-out to the pirates. It is believed that famous or rather infamous pirates such as Henry Morgan and Jean Lafitte walked the shores of this very island. Jean Lafitte is believed to have died on Isla Mujeres in 1862.

How it All Started?

The Isla began as a small village, when during the War of Castes (1847-1901), Mayans took refuge on this island. It was initially named Pueblo de Dolores and was known as a fishing village. Although it has a high tourist percentage now, it still retains its old charm and tranquility.

MUSA Underwater Sculpture Museum

The Isla Mujeres boasts the largest underwater museum in the world. It is a work-in-progress and was opened to the public in 2010. The sculptures are created in collaboration with marine biologists and experts to counteract the effects of climate change on the oceans and reef systems. Though the sculptures will change over time, as the corals grow and marine life establishes itself, but this is the beauty of an underwater museum.

A Fishing Paradise

Isla Mujeres is known as the ‘fishing paradise’ and rightly so. The crystal clear waters are perfect for a good catch, even for beginners. From Barracudas to Snappers, you can indulge in this sport throughout the year, though your catch may vary from season to season. An important event is the Island Time Fishing Tournament that takes place in February.

The Turtle Farm

Isla Mujeres is known for its ancestral hatching grounds for giant sea turtles. They lay eggs from May-September in the soft sand, from where they are collected and kept safe at the Turtle Farm. Once they are hatched, they are released in the water, thus playing an important role in the conservation of this particular species.

There Are Lots of Amazing Things That You Can Discover! Have fun and discover Isla Mujeres!

Top Four Self Improvement Teachers

There’s a lot of people out there who claim to be self-help or self-improvement gurus, but how many actually know their stuff? The truth is the majority of teachers teach because they can’t make money in the field they are supposed to be an expert in.  In fact, I’m a firm believe that all teachers should first need to be successful in their chosen filed in order to teach others. This would eliminate the career teachers who have no real experience only dated book knowledge. This is not to say that book knowledge is not important, but it is never a substitute for actual experience in the real world. In fact, many great thinkers have claimed that there is no possible way to gain experience except by the passage of time, therefore young people can never have experience. My list of the top 5 self-help teachers have all made money in the fields they claim to be experts in as well as many years experience both doing and teaching.

Four Teachers Who Do the Most

#1:  Bob Proctor – Bob is a legendary self-improvement teacher who famously studied with Earl Nightingale. Bob’s life was forever changed when he was given the book Think and Grow Rich written by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s.  This amazing book flipped a switch in Bob Proctor and from that point forward his life was never the same. Bob has written many best selling books including my favorite “Think and Grow Rich” and even starred in the hit movie The Secret. As a firm believer in the law of attraction, but lives what he preaches and has the awards to prove it.

#2:  Tony Robbins – Tony is possibly the most famous self-improvement guru of all time.  Over the last two decades, Tony has helped millions of people change their life.  While his books and accomplishments are too many to name in this article, I was first turned on to his audio book Awaken the Giant Within.  This short motivational audio serious was the spark that lit a fire under me and changed my life forever.

#3:  Stephen Covey – Stephen is a legendary self-help speaker and author who has lectured to millions around the world. He’s most famous for his work on the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People which has sold millions of copies all around the world and propelled Stephen into a category all his own.  Unfortunately, Stephen passed on a few years back, his amazing work on becoming a better person lives on forever.

#4:  Napoleon Hill – In the early 1900’s a young Napoleon Hill traveled around the United States studying the richest people in the world. His goal was simple, discover the one trait all successful people had that unsuccessful people didn’t. After years of research and discovered he managed to find the difference between those who achieve greatness and everyone else. Napoleon boiled this down to a simple concept called the law of attraction which states that what your predominately think about you will become. Now, for many this concept is so simplistic it’s impossible for them to wrap their mind around it. Most people tend to think of successful people as different, gifted, or even lucky, but Napoleon Hill found otherwise. Sure, the majority of successful people had a strong work ethic, but their brain power was no more great than you and me. The primary difference was that they understood the concept of the law of attraction and implemented it into their life.

Now these are some of the best when it comes to Law of attraction coaching. I encourage you to go out and explore more about each coach as they have great individual viewpoints and resonate with different people. Find how you resonate with best and soak in all you can. Then, move on and follow another.


The Trend of Funny Shirts Selling Online

Everyone likes to wear fun and humorous stuff in their day to day lives. Let’s face it, when people see something funny, it lightens up their mood and quite possibly makes their day. There is no harm in wearing a nice funny t-shirt to bring laughter to someone’s face. But how do you know a t-shirt is funny and it will actually make someone smile? If you are careful, you can actually figure out what t-shirt will make someone laugh if you wear it on the right time at the right occasion.

Buying Funny Shirts Online

zfg shirts
Here is a trend for the “zero fucks given” shirts that you can buy online. (Photo below.)

The above graph was made with Google Trends.

There are many funny t-shirt brands out there offering funny enough t-shirts, but how do you make the right and killer choice that works? Read on below to find out.

  1. Assess the situation

Before you go t shirt hunting, make sure you assess the situation. It is it a party? Is it a gathering? Whatever the occasion is, you need to know which t-shirt will work best. For example, if you are going to a LAN party, it makes sense to wear geeky t-shirts with a funny message on it. it is sure to make people laugh when they see you. You can also determine the kind of people that you will be meeting in your schedule to wear t-shirt with a message that they clearly understand.

  1. Location matters a lot

Now that you know the kind of people you’ll be meeting, its important to know the location. Make sure that if you are going to a place where minors will be freely roaming around, try not to get too rude with your t-shirts.

  1. Listen to your mind

It is very important to access your own personality before you buy a funny t-shirt. Do you love comics? Movies? Games? Or politics? Find a t-shirt that expresses you in the best way. If you wear a shirt that portrays a message you aren’t interested in, you will likely not be able to deliver the message effectively.

  1. Choose the right brand

There are several hundred brands that sell t-shirts. Find a brand that makes t-shirts close to your personal preference.

Shirt Pic Gray
This is a hot seller right now.

Here’s a list of the top places you can buy t shirts online that will make people laugh.,,

That’s our short list of the most trending shirts according to our analytics tools and individual research.


Will People Use Drones to Start Hunting?

According to recent news in the area, there are rumors that drones may be used to start putting out GPS for hunters of duck, geese, and deer.

Drones Assisting Hunters?

I caught up with Chris Holste, owner of, and got his opinion on the subject.  As a long time hunter, he is someone I truly respect and look for advice from when I look into stuff like this.

Absolutely never heard that.  That’s not true.  If it is, it’s news to me.  Me and my friends would never take the sport out of it like that.

That’s his take, but I went into a little bit more research to follow up on this story. 

Field & Stream did a story on if drones have a place in the hunting and fishing industry.  You can read the piece here.

I personally think it’s hogwash. I agree with Chris.  If you are out there sport hunting, why would you use something so advanced that takes all the “sport” out of it? It’s bad enough you are out there running around killing defenseless animals (I’m not against hunting, just making light on the situation) as it is, but now you need to add another component to assist you in your quest?

It’s like in Caddyshack, where the technology used in the hated new club member (Rodney Dangerfield’s Character) ends up taking the sport out of a simple golf match!

Now, what is next?  Seriously, are we going to make windsock snow goose decoys out of drone material and fly them around to start trying to mate with them in hopes of getting them closer to our hunters?  Seriously, it’s just getting out of hand.

I’m all for the hunter who wants to brave the cold, take a few shots of whiskey to stay warm (or fireball or whatever you young bucks are drinking) and start blasting (smartly of course) at the waterfowl that surrounds our beautiful country.  I don’t mind it one bit.  Go for it, if that’s your thing.  But using a drone or something of that nature is like taking Steroids and being allowed to hit baseballs back at pitchers who can get hurt by the blast.  It’s just not safe or right.  Let the sport be the sport, and quit taking any remnants of sport out of it.

End of rant.  That’s today’s technology update from lovely Boston, Mass!


Tech News from Boston

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Benefits of Using Social Media for Business

In the current era of research and development, we see all sorts of definitions on the concept of intelligence and also the many other subsidiary concepts that branch out further such as emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence etc. The main focus here however is the idea of market intelligence which comprises of the concept of effective analysis and observatory patterns in terms of demand and supply. Monitoring trends is one of the simplest ways of keeping a check on the demand and supply curves of a certain commodity or even a service in the market.

Entrepreneur Video on Social Media Marketing

The online world is in itself an independent market space which serves to provide great potential for business and commerce. The better the firm at forecasting the market behavior, the better they will be in shaping the goods and services in line with the demand hence minimizing opportunity cost whilst maximizing profit and sales through a regular inflow of customer demands. However, in order to maintain an adequate input and output balance, it is essential to maintain a positive flow of output in terms of brand representation. This will not only require a efficient system of customer care and feedback response services but also a consistent flow of packages and offers to keep the pre-established customer base intact and also to invite newer customers and clients by encouraging a more adaptive approach in terms of varying needs and preferences.

Thanks to the evolution of smart phone technology, most people prefer the use of social media platforms to suit their needs, for the most credible of business sources are those with the most prominent of presences on social media platforms. The credibility is further improved by the fact that it is not easy to duck the clutches of angry clients and customers on social media as most of the popular networks provide very simple and visible systems of response and feedback.

Accurate market intelligence devices through the employment of data received through social media platforms can save the business a good amount of investment costs in terms of ventures that are likely to fail and instead more can be focused on those which are likely to bloom in terms of sales, profits and business activity all in all to keep the firm in the loop of the market. More effective business marketing strategies can also be shaped up with the help of social media devices.

If you are looking for social media advice, follow this social media guru.