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New Technology Looks Good on the Fashion Industry

fashion business startupsAs trend spotters and fans of the way that different industries are using technology, we report on interesting ways businesses are using technology to build sales and improve customer relations.
Every part of our lives and businesses are revolutionized by technology, and the fashion industry is no exception. Innovative clothing companies are harnessing the power of computers to serve customers a more personalized experience of shopping and buying clothes online and in-store. From the visual search function in mobile apps to personalized digital fit models on e-commerce clothing shopping sites the digital revolution is altering the fashion business forever.
Clothing is still sewn with needle and thread, but its distribution and marketing are unrecognizable from the prior generations of fashion businesses.

Emerging technology in use by the clothing industry:

  • Artificial Intelligence– AI is being used for messaging by such top retailers as Nordstrom, Sephora and American Eagle with chatbots, such as Facebook Messenger and the Android app Kik. Macy’s, a particularly tech-savvy retailer has AI power built into their mobile app called Macy’s On Call.
  • Virtual Digital Reality – Built upon the wildly successful Pokemon Go phenomenon, digital realities are helping shoppers to try on products, such as makeup products and also visit Macy’s stores via virtual reality from anywhere.
  • Blockchain – Currently focused on the supply chain for retailers it is being tested as a storytelling and branding tool in Asia. Tech experts tout its superior security as a way to verify the authenticity of often counterfeited luxury fashion goods.
  • Visual and Voice Search – Experts predict that searches using images, either snapped on customers mobile phones or from websites will grow along to over half of all searches by 2020.  Currently, Pinterest offers visual search for consumers looking for a particular item of clothing of which they can find buyable pins for purchasing.
  • Online and Brick and Morter as One – Millennial’s view a physical store and its online website as one entity and expects to be able to shop at both seamlessly. One of the trends we see is the easy payment system such as Amazon Go, the free supermarket checkout system. The Internet of Things is responsible for this impact on consumers demands for greater convenience in 2017.
  • Live Video – Facebook Live launched in 2016, and soon after Twitter and Instagram followed with their video streams. These three second live videos are helping businesses gain competitive advantages in the crowded social media field. The brands that are focusing on quality over quantity are gaining the largest market shares, such as Benefit Cosmetics.
  • Anti-Tech – High Touch – The flip side of advanced technology is the backlash to crave highly emotional and physical touch experiences. Engaging customers senses will become a major marketing differentiating factor for retailers in 2017. Think engagement, entertainment, and community for your brand and store. Apple was one of the 1st companies to create this multi-sensual experience of their products and retail environment. Retailers know that hat the longer amount of time a person spends in their store the more merchandise they buy. The use of this emotional, sensual community building process works to increase in-store time and thus sales.



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Will People Use Drones to Start Hunting?

According to recent news in the area, there are rumors that drones may be used to start putting out GPS for hunters of duck, geese, and deer.

Drones Assisting Hunters?

I caught up with Chris Holste, owner of PerformanceCalls.com, and got his opinion on the subject.  As a long time hunter, he is someone I truly respect and look for advice from when I look into stuff like this.

Absolutely never heard that.  That’s not true.  If it is, it’s news to me.  Me and my friends would never take the sport out of it like that.

That’s his take, but I went into a little bit more research to follow up on this story. 

Field & Stream did a story on if drones have a place in the hunting and fishing industry.  You can read the piece here.

I personally think it’s hogwash. I agree with Chris.  If you are out there sport hunting, why would you use something so advanced that takes all the “sport” out of it? It’s bad enough you are out there running around killing defenseless animals (I’m not against hunting, just making light on the situation) as it is, but now you need to add another component to assist you in your quest?

It’s like in Caddyshack, where the technology used in the hated new club member (Rodney Dangerfield’s Character) ends up taking the sport out of a simple golf match!

Now, what is next?  Seriously, are we going to make windsock snow goose decoys out of drone material and fly them around to start trying to mate with them in hopes of getting them closer to our hunters?  Seriously, it’s just getting out of hand.

I’m all for the hunter who wants to brave the cold, take a few shots of whiskey to stay warm (or fireball or whatever you young bucks are drinking) and start blasting (smartly of course) at the waterfowl that surrounds our beautiful country.  I don’t mind it one bit.  Go for it, if that’s your thing.  But using a drone or something of that nature is like taking Steroids and being allowed to hit baseballs back at pitchers who can get hurt by the blast.  It’s just not safe or right.  Let the sport be the sport, and quit taking any remnants of sport out of it.

End of rant.  That’s today’s technology update from lovely Boston, Mass!