Top Four Self Improvement Teachers

There’s a lot of people out there who claim to be self-help or self-improvement gurus, but how many actually know their stuff? The truth is the majority of teachers teach because they can’t make money in the field they are supposed to be an expert in.  In fact, I’m a firm believe that all teachers should first need to be successful in their chosen filed in order to teach others. This would eliminate the career teachers who have no real experience only dated book knowledge. This is not to say that book knowledge is not important, but it is never a substitute for actual experience in the real world. In fact, many great thinkers have claimed that there is no possible way to gain experience except by the passage of time, therefore young people can never have experience. My list of the top 5 self-help teachers have all made money in the fields they claim to be experts in as well as many years experience both doing and teaching.

Four Teachers Who Do the Most

#1:  Bob Proctor – Bob is a legendary self-improvement teacher who famously studied with Earl Nightingale. Bob’s life was forever changed when he was given the book Think and Grow Rich written by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s.  This amazing book flipped a switch in Bob Proctor and from that point forward his life was never the same. Bob has written many best selling books including my favorite “Think and Grow Rich” and even starred in the hit movie The Secret. As a firm believer in the law of attraction, but lives what he preaches and has the awards to prove it.

#2:  Tony Robbins – Tony is possibly the most famous self-improvement guru of all time.  Over the last two decades, Tony has helped millions of people change their life.  While his books and accomplishments are too many to name in this article, I was first turned on to his audio book Awaken the Giant Within.  This short motivational audio serious was the spark that lit a fire under me and changed my life forever.

#3:  Stephen Covey – Stephen is a legendary self-help speaker and author who has lectured to millions around the world. He’s most famous for his work on the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People which has sold millions of copies all around the world and propelled Stephen into a category all his own.  Unfortunately, Stephen passed on a few years back, his amazing work on becoming a better person lives on forever.

#4:  Napoleon Hill – In the early 1900’s a young Napoleon Hill traveled around the United States studying the richest people in the world. His goal was simple, discover the one trait all successful people had that unsuccessful people didn’t. After years of research and discovered he managed to find the difference between those who achieve greatness and everyone else. Napoleon boiled this down to a simple concept called the law of attraction which states that what your predominately think about you will become. Now, for many this concept is so simplistic it’s impossible for them to wrap their mind around it. Most people tend to think of successful people as different, gifted, or even lucky, but Napoleon Hill found otherwise. Sure, the majority of successful people had a strong work ethic, but their brain power was no more great than you and me. The primary difference was that they understood the concept of the law of attraction and implemented it into their life.

Now these are some of the best when it comes to Law of attraction coaching. I encourage you to go out and explore more about each coach as they have great individual viewpoints and resonate with different people. Find how you resonate with best and soak in all you can. Then, move on and follow another.




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