Is Affiliate Rescue by Tim Schmidt Worth the Money?

Like many people, I seriously struggled to get a foothold in the affiliate marketing space when I first learned about online marketing. I wanted to succeed desperately so I could finally quit my dead-end day job once and for all. But life had other plans for me and I struggled tremendously for years before I had my breakthrough that led to lasting success.

What finally changed for me? I was lucky enough to meet Tim Schmidt in a Facebook online marketing group when he was part of a different program focused on local search engine optimization. At this stage, I was having success as a local search marketer but not enough to quit my day job. I really wanted to add affiliate marketing to the mix, which is where Tim’s insight and training were invaluable.

The Affiliate Rescue coaching program and training is like boot camp for anyone looking to learn online marketing fundamentals and expert strategies. In this program, you’ll learn black hat SEO techniques, affiliate marketing tactics that only expert gurus know about, and the most basic fundamentals that everyone needs to learn in order to achieve lasting success.

Affiliate Rescue Review

This program is so much more than a simple course that teaches affiliate marketing. But please don’t get me wrong because the video training provided is second to none. But Tim is also willing to open up his vault of affiliate websites and provide over-the-shoulder training in a coaching environment and atmosphere.

This coaching program is incredible because it’s filled with valuable information that’s so hard to come by in many other run-of-the-mill affiliate marketing courses. You’ll learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and much more. The training includes the following:

  • Established Proven Online Marketing Techniques – Tim is willing to share everything with you including the kitchen sink. He has unlocked countless tried-and-true tactics over the past two decades on his road to becoming an expert affiliate marketer. This incredible information is yours for the taking if you take the leap and join his affiliate marketing course and coaching program
  • Live Coaching Demonstrations – in Affiliate Rescue, Tim Schmidt will jump on live coaching calls and share valuable lessons using websites in his own affiliate marketing portfolio. These strategy sessions will consist of tactics and methods that you can use to take massive action and achieve the same level of affiliate marketing success as the top gurus
  • Content Strategies of a Foundational Nature – all affiliate marketing hinges on a foundational content creation strategy. Tim will open up his playbook and teach you all of the top content strategies that will please Google and help you avoid penalties like the HCU content update
  • Personal Vendor List – you don’t become a successful affiliate marketer without having a great team in place. Tim is willing to share access to his favorite vendors that he uses to help build and grow his affiliate marketing empire. You’ll get access to his favorite graphic designers, content marketing specialists, content creators, SEO experts, and so much more
  • Website Reviews – instead of working in the dark and wondering if you’re doing everything right, Tim will happily take a look at your website and provide expert analysis and a detailed review. Tim will tell you where you’re doing everything right, the areas that need to be updated and improved, and much more. This will help you move from affiliate marketing novice to paid expert in no time at all
  • Digital PR Methods – whether you realize it or not, public relations is critical to your success. Tim will teach you digital PR methods that will help you move forward without missing a beat
  • many other tactics and strategies

Before you go…

It’s important to know that Tim Schmidt is only opening up affiliate rescue to the first 50 people whose online application is approved. If you’re chomping at the bit to get started, I highly recommend clicking here and filling out the online application form right away. Joining this program now is imperative because it will not remain open forever and spots are filling up fast.

Two Critical Reasons for Joining Affiliate Rescue

Are you hemming and hawing and trying to decide if Affiliate Rescue is the best place to invest your time and money?

It’s impossible for me to tell you how to spend your money since I don’t know you personally. But what I can say is that there are two critically important reasons why you should consider joining Affiliate Rescue if you are serious about becoming an affiliate marketing expert.

My reasons include:

Past & Present Students Have Achieved Incredible Success

This point is crucial in my opinion. There are many coaching programs and courses out there for you to try. But are the students actually having real-world success? In Tim Schmidt’s case, he is definitely helping his students become affiliate marketing experts.

Take Chris Azzari as an example.

Even though he met Tim back in 2010, he didn’t really connect with him as a student until a few years later. He joined his elite coaching program and Tim taught him how to become an affiliate marketing savant and E-commerce guru. Chris said it was a no-brainer to join his coaching program because of the tremendous value that Tim provides.

More Than Just an Online Marketing Course

So many online marketing courses provide their students with video training and then abandon them to figure everything out on their own. Tim does not work this way. In fact, he plans to provide live coaching to his students so that they can benefit from his wisdom in person while asking questions and receiving up-to-the-minute answers.

Apply Now Before It’s Too Late!

This coaching and training program is only going to be open for a limited time to the first 50 approved customers. If you’re serious about achieving affiliate marketing success, then I recommend filling out the online application as soon as possible.

This mentorship program will only remain open for a short while. Students are signing up fast, so please apply now before it’s too late.